Dolphin’s Nose, Kodaikanal
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Dolphin’s Nose, 8 kilometers (5.0 mi) from the transport stand, is level stone anticipating over an amazing gorge 6,600 feet (2,000 m) profound. It is an undisturbed zone 1 kilometer (0.62 mi) down a precarious rough path starting not long after Pambar Bridge. Squeezed orange merchants along the path offer a welcome rest stop.

Lovely perspectives on steep rough slopes ascending from the fields can be seen. The old town of Vellagavi can be reached through a tough harness way here. A short cleared walkway leads from the street here to Pambar falls (which is likewise privately tended to as ‘Liril Falls’ after the celebrated Liril Soap Advertisement recording in 1985).

Kodaikanal Dolphin’s Nose gives a superior perspective on the picturesque scene of the encompassing precipitous zone. It is a level stone sticking out of the mountain, sitting above a profound bluff, with its shape much the same as that of the nose of a dolphin. The 3-4 hour outing to the Dolphin’s Nose can be embraced at either 8 am or 2 pm. An accomplished guide, knowledgeable with the landscape, will direct you through the journey.

The highest point offers an all encompassing perspective on the territory underneath and on crisp mornings, you may have the option to detect the Periyakulam Town just as the Vaigai Lake. The trip is certainly not a difficult one and you may likewise take a diversion to the little town of Vellagavi which is on a similar track.

To arrive at Kodaikanal Dolphins nose a ways off of 8 kms from the transport stand, one needs to follow the course determined here. There is an old street subsequent to intersection Pambar Bridge close to Levinge stream. A harsh bend adjusts the slope which prompts a point where a level stone activities over a terrible gorge of 6600 feet down. This is Dolphins nose. This spot requests 20-30 minutes of moderate level journeying.

Dolphin nose is one of the well known milestones at Kodaikanal and is around 8 Kms from the primary city. Dolphin nose gives a 10,000 foot perspective on the encompassing hilly scene and is a level stone anticipating from the substance of the mountain.

On the second day of our excursion to Kodaikanal, we wanted to visit the Dolphin nose. We are remaining at “Inn Villa Retreat” which is near Coaker’s walk (Read my blog to find out about Coaker’s walk)

Dolphin’s Nose, Kodaikanal
Dolphin’s Nose, Kodaikanal

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Instructions to get to Dolphin’s point:

I have been to Dolphin’s nose couple of times. There are couple of alternatives to arrive at this point.


  • One, you can drive for around 5 Kms from Coaker’s stroll along the Golf Link Road (Kokaikanal Wax Museum would be on this street, and is a decent milestone to affirm that you are on the correct street) and park your vehicle about 1 km from the point.


  • The other alternative is to journey to this point which is a 4 Km stroll from Coaker’s walk. It is a good trip and will take you around an hour to arrive at Dolphin nose. The trip would be a declining walk and you should wear agreeable shoes as you would stroll through backwoods regions. You will discover heaps of little slow down up and down this path selling snacks and hot drinks that will keep you invigorated.

Dissimilar to last time when I had traveled to arrive at this point, this time around I decided to drive down to the closest point and take it from that point. Climate in Kodiakanal is capricious and you can expect the mist and mists moving up whenever of the day. Typically this time, the perceivability at Dolphin nose if really downright awful we were setting ourselves up for the more terrible. We arrived at Dolphin nose at around 10:00 AM and it was an alleviation to see that the fact was not covered with Fog.

The state of the stone looks like the nose of a Dolphin and along these lines is called as the “Dolphin’s nose”. This point is at a rises of around 6600 feet and is one of the focal objections for travelers visiting Kodaikanal. The culmination offers a continuous all encompassing perspective on the valley and in the event that you are sufficiently fortunate, on a sunny morning you may have the option to see the Periyakulam Town and the Vaigai supply.

The climate at “Dolphin nose” can change significantly inside merely minutes. As we left our vehicle and began the walk downhill towards the point, the mists began coming in and the whole spot got foggy and perceivability turned out to be exceptionally low. My better half and I would not like to take any risks (our misstep, as we were not wearing the correct footwear) and got back to where we had left the vehicle.

Dolphin’s Nose, Kodaikanal
Dolphin’s Nose, Kodaikanal

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Dolphin Nose in Kodaikanal, Echo Rock and Mountain View

Magnificent morning on the second day of our Kodaikanal trip, keeping in mind the desire to investigate and see a greater amount of “The Gift of The Forest” city. In the wake of getting a robust breakfast close to the bus station as we expected less food spots at Vattakanal. As they were generally a traveling spots for individuals coming there. We got a taxi close to the Bus Stand and for 8 Kms he was charging us 400 INR. Despite the fact that we realized that was a little high we took as my companions were returning before supper and furthermore we didn’t have the foggiest idea how much the admission really was.


We drove from the city of Kodaikanal to Vattakanal a spot each adventurer would cherish as they enter it. We had 3 spots to visit here The Mountain View, Dolphin’s Nose and Echo Rock. The taxi fellow dropped us at the spot from where we should be on our foot to arrive at the 3 spots.

Before the muddled way began we previously had a mystery of the view which we will have a more critical gander at these perspectives. It was a fun and rough stroll as you would feel like a camel regardless of whether you attempt to walk typically. With the knocks made of tree roots nearly the entire way encompassed by colossal trees. Yet, appropriately fenced the entire path so individuals don’t lose all sense of direction in the center. There were bistros and furthermore an exceptional rentable thing – shoes, something never observed. And furthermore I saw a homestay in the way where I figure you can remain encompassed by the timberland around.

Mountain View

We arrived at our first stop the Mountain View with a bistro before which you can stay there tasting some tea getting a charge out of the delightful perspective on the spot. As we strolled towards the edge of the spot we were at the time of stunningness, to see those layers of mountains and the valley. Not an obvious scene with your unaided eyes but rather as I utilized my long range focal point to get a more critical look I saw houses on top of the mountains on the two sides.

Superb spots you can live on the planet, I don’t have the foggiest idea what that spot was called. In any case, on the off chance that somebody who thinks about that kindly told me in the remarks down beneath. Again you can take the optics at the spot for 5 INR to have the option to see a greater amount of the perspective.

In the wake of completing our lemonade at Mountain View Point we were en route to Dolphin’s Nose. The fundamental fascination of Vattakanal, the way was entirely unexpected from the one we just covered. We were encircled by these eucalyptus trees, which were not permitting the sun to enter the region. After a km, we were at the Dolphin’s Nose perspective as we saw numerous individuals around taking selfies on the perilous bluff. Which took after the nose of a dolphin, the cool wind made the spot more tranquil.

I too got my camera and went to the edge of the precipice, which was truly terrifying the profundity just made me temperamental. Furthermore, the go to return back wasn’t so natural from that point forward, however I made it beating the dread of stature. I once in a while feel I have survived and later a few perspectives make it return. Like this one for a second yet I had returned to ordinary later. Simply check the part where I was at the highest point of the Dolphin’s Nose and later as I turned I made the hurry to arrive at the other part, in the youtube video blog I made.

Reverberation Rock

Similarly as you stroll past the Dolphin’s Nose you will arrive at the tree which guides you to Echo Rock. The way here excessively changed with a smaller one with more trees encompassing you. Another 500 meters I think making it a 3 km journey in the wake of arriving at the Mountain Viewpoint. There were numerous stones set down there with individuals surrounding them clicking pictures with the amazing perspective around.

One gigantic rock was there in the spot with only one person on top of it. I excessively climbed the equivalent to get the best view so far with the cameras and the sack. Individuals managing me to be cautious as it was dangerous and they saw me running practically everywhere to make all the efforts I jar of the spot. It was superb however very alarming to remain on top of that rock, I attempted to yell my name from the Echo Rock. Perhaps there was some specialized blunder that day as nothing got returned in the wake of attempting twice.

Subsequent to investing some energy there I got back to join with my companions and head back to Kodaikanal. What’s more, goodbyes as they return to Bengaluru, however I was remaining for one more day. As Kodaikanal isn’t yet finished and the day as well. As I go for the least expensive and the best visit you can to visit all the spots around Kodaikanal. Which I will post in the following one to give you all the entire experience what you can expect on such visits. Likewise buy in to my bulletin, to not miss any of the articles.

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