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Regardless of where are we voyaging, we as a whole anticipate visiting famous places of interest on the spots we are visiting. The slope station of Kodaikanal gives vacationers astounding spots to go for touring. Probably the best model for the equivalent is Green Valley View. As the name propose, it offers sightseers with stunning perspective on the fields, valleys and slopes. Amazing perspective on the Vaigai dam makes for an encounter worth recollecting. The green valley View is once called as Suicide Point. It got its name in light of the risky valley which is profound and thick. The valley beneath the fact of the matter is in excess of 5000 feet drop. The best an ideal opportunity to visit the Valley View is between 10 am and 3 pm as the valley gets covered by fog as the day progresses making it hard to have a reasonable view.

Situated around 5.5 km from the Kodaikanal Lake, Green Valley View guarantees sightseers with hypnotizing perspective on the encompassing region. In any case, it isn’t simply all encompassing perspective that draws in guests to the valley yet in addition the umpteen quantities of monkeys at this spot. It is very near Kodaikanal Golf club and while in transit to Pillar rocks which is another significant place of interest of Kodaikanal. While going to the self destruction Point, you will have numerous shops selling custom made chocolates, decorations and wide scope of blossoms making your excursion even more pleasant.

Different vacationers spots in Kodaikanal are Berijam Lake, Coaker’s Walk, Kurinjiandavar Temple, Kodaikanal Lake, Green Valley View/Suicide Point, Pillar Rocks, Silent Valley View, Devil’s Kitchen, Guna Caves, Pine Forest, Shanthi Valley, Silver Cascade, Telescope House, Kukal Cave and Shenbaganur Museum, and so forth


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Green Valley View, Kodaikanal

The Green Valley View is otherwise called the Suicide Point because of its profound and perilous fall. The valley has a fall of 5,000 ft. The spot is near the Kodaikanal Lake, situated a ways off of around 5.5 km. The perspective on Vaigai Dam looks awesome from this spot. The region has a lot of monkeys which engage the sightseers going to the hang out here.

There is a flight of stairs which prompts the spot and the way is fixed with shops from which travelers can purchase gifts. The best time to visit Green Valley View is between 10 am and 3 pm. The spot is a decent spot to unwind and appreciate the grand common excellence.


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Green Valley View Point Kodaikanal

Green Valley previously called as Suicide Point of Kodaikanal. It has an amazing perspective on slopes, fields and the precipices . You can ready to perceive what’s there under 5000 feet from the Kodaikanal Green Valley. Likewise, You can take selfies with the mists also. It’s been a frightful view from the highest point of Suicide point. Thus, For our wellbeing, that is iron bar fenced. It is open constantly yet seeing on 10 AM – 2.30 PM is fitting. The fog will take the hypnotizing early morning and night scenes. Shockingly, you can see the Vaigai Dam see in case you’re sufficiently fortunate and the mists didn’t demolish your scene. It is 5KM away from Kodai Lake and Bryant Park.

Make proper acquaintance With Shopping

Green Valley Kodaikanal has an assortment of things to shopping things around the spot. In sort, from Road to Suicide Point see, there is a flight of stairs and all the flights of stairs covered with all kind of shops. Particularly attempt the accompanying things to purchase as these are worth for cash.

  • Sweatshirts
  • Chocolates
  • Ornaments for women
  • Sunglasses (Not marked things)

You Can’t Get It Always – Suicide Point Climate

60% of individuals never find the opportunity to see the Vaigai dam from the Suicide Point see. All things being equal, they generally got an overcast perspective on the Green Valley. All things considered, individuals will get frustrated of not seeing what they need. We recommend you to take the visit at 10 AM to 2.30 PM.

Going to the atmosphere, regardless of whether you’re not happy with the Green Valley View in spite of the fog, you actually experience the frigidity around there. half of the year it’ll be showering, you can appreciate the occasion. Therefore, continually carry the umbrella or parka to remain with persistent satisfaction.

Be careful With Monkeys in Suicide Point

Monkeys in the Green Valley perspective are perilous as should be obvious them at their eyes. Additionally, they’re ravenous. They’ll snatch whatever you’ve in your grasp. So be cautious at entire the time being there. As a rule, kindly don’t give any nourishments to monkeys . They’ll likewise drag you somewhere near taking your effects. All things considered, they’re ravenous that is the reason they’ll act inconsiderately to us.

Golf Village Near Green Valley Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal Golfclub is a 116-year-old private property. Sightseers must have the option to visit from side of the road though the club individuals can play. It’s the best spot in case you’re an amateur you can join and play. This spot is so greenish and beguiling, which makes you stop the vehicle for a moment to appreciate the scene.

The History – Unbelievable Myth

The name framed Suicide point as the genuine of sudden passings or suicides occurring here. Every now and then, the charming perspective on the Vaigai Dam and a ton of Cliffs see from the top, acquired the vacationers consideration. As the travelers’ visits are high, the Govt authorities make this spot as one of the Tourist Spot in Kodaikanal. So the name additionally advanced from Suicide highlight Green Valley by govt.

Another Myth story from the nearby individuals is, In one hand, there carried on a mother and kid. They went to appreciate the perspective on the spot and lamentably split on the slopes and kicked the bucket the two of them”.

Then again, there are two individuals ended it all from the highest point of that place. Later on, two local people went to take their body back to the top. As indicated by local people, those two individuals says the accompanying assertion. “Evening we heard the sound of mother and infant crying. In some point, the weight expanded for the cadaver while returning to the top with it.” These assertions make audience members frightened .

Notwithstanding this story, in the cutting edge world, No one accepts this sort of legends. In the event that you confide in the tale of Suicide Point or know anything much better, kindly leave an answer in the remark.

When known as the Suicide Point, the Green Valley View is named after the very view the spot is fit for offering to a voyager. Situated a ways off of a little more than five kilometers from the Kodai Lake, the Green Valley View offers stunning vistas of the lavish green slopes, valleys and fields spread across the whole locale covering the town of Kodaikanal and its neighboring regions. Perhaps the best view from this spot is the entrancing sight of the Vaigai Dam, which makes this a spot a nature cherishing voyager should never miss.

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