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The incomparable Pillar Rocks of Palani Hills, Kodaikanal, is one of the most noticeable places of interest around there. It is situated around 8 kms from Kodaikanal transport stand.

The pioneers who visit Palani sanctuary can arrive at Pillar Rocks by street. also, it is around two hours (71.9 km) in the event that we take by means of Palani-Kodaikanal Road. Many transports often utilize from Palani to Kodaikanal.

Column Rocks got its name from the three goliath columns standing tall at a stature of 400 feet. It is an ideal spot for both family trip just as the individuals who love photography. It is viewed as a spot to visit to the individuals who adventure out to the Palani Hills. The rich greenery covering some piece of the stones is very alluring to guests. The word ‘Villain’s Kitchen’ is related with these stones which is a dull chamber between the columns. There is an excellent nursery around the columns where you could see assortment of bright blossoms. No expense is charged to visit this spot yet guests are not permitted after 5pm.

There are different intriguing attractions close to the Pillar Rocks.

Coakers walk: It got its name from Lt. Coaker who developed this stretch in the year 1872. The Coakers walk extends more than one km in the southern side of Kodai on the edge of steep inclines from Van Allen medical clinic to St.Peters church. Dolphin’s nose in south, valley of the Pambar stream in South East, feathered creatures eye perspective on Periyakulam and city of Madurai are the couple of sights one can get at this high point.

Quiet Valley: This is the viewed as the most elevated point in Kodaikanal and is 7,500m above ocean level. Early morning is the ideal opportunity to visit this spot. With fog covering the entire spot, it stands apart to be a joyful inclination to be in.

Kodai Lake: This is among the most mainstream puts in Kodaikanal and usually guests come to here first after they arrive at Kodaikanal. This lake was made conceivable Vera Levinge (resigned Madurai gatherer) in 1863. After his retirement, when he got comfortable Kodaikanal he changed over this spot which was a waste damp land into a lake. He likewise brought boats from Tuticorin for the guests to have a sailing meeting. The lake is spread more than 60 sections of land and encompassed by fine tarred street of five kms length, the greatest profundity of the lake was considered as 11.5m. The other primary amusements incorporate horse ride, cycling and fishing.

Kodaikanal is the place where there is sightseers yet these are not many spots which we are referencing here.It is a best spot to visit both as family just as for bunch visits. The ideal time will be during the months between April to June. All things considered lakhs of vacationers visit the spot consistently.

The ghastly contamination of Delhi had my lungs heaving for some spotless air! The “princess of slope stations”, Kodaikanal, was my picked end of the week objective to give them the genuinely necessary TLC. Obviously, everybody around me had something very similar to state: “Why go right there? Why not head off to some place nearer?”

Indeed, I’ll disclose to you why! What attracts me to the slope stations in the Western Ghats in the southern piece of the nation is the way that they’re generally rich regardless of what season you visit green and brilliant! There’s so much you can do, which for me is taking advantage of being outside an extravagance I hate living in the city. So when I ran over this experiential occasion bundle by Renghaholidays overflowing with fun stuff, I just couldn’t help it.

A Peaceful Day at the Lake

Right off the bat, I was taken to the delightful Kodai Lake, which is exceptionally star-formed and the center point of activity here. Confirming on my daily agenda was the compulsory pedal boat ride from where sights of the clamoring lakeside market and the peaceful encompassing slopes in the scenery were an incredible visual inconsistency.

A Picnic I Won’t Forget

I’d heard a ton about Kodaikanal’s Pillar Rocks that get their name in light of their huge stone arrangements that seem, by all accounts, to be standing like columns. My visit to the spot was made immensely unique with an efficient excursion directly at the spot! The outing crate was stuffed with treats, and the perspectives all around were past fabulous! As I sat their tasting on a glass of wine, the second felt totally strange.

I was persuaded that I had encountered the best of what was available, yet a lot amazingly, there was more! I was taken to Berijam Lake for a fast boost before we set off on a three-hour relaxed journey to probably the most sweltering spot, Dolphin’s Nose, from where the 2,000-meter gorge underneath made me simply moan, gaze and absorb it all. All things considered, it’s tied in with being at the time! This occurred longer than an end of the week, but it bested the majority of the long get-aways I’d had. Credit to Renghaholidays for arranging it so well!


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Column Rocks

Column Rocks, in the modest community of Kodaikanal, isn’t just a dazzling vacation destination yet in addition a spot with an intriguing history. The spot is known for its beautiful excellence and tranquility, which individuals search out for a reviving occasion. While there are many fascinating spots to see when you are in Kodaikanal, there are none very like the Pillar Rocks. These comprise of three goliath rock developments that stand tall at a stature of 400 feet starting from the earliest stage. Overshadowing the fields of Kodaikanal, they offer an amazing perspective on the encompassing regular excellence from its numerous vantage focuses.

The Pillar Rocks are searched out by rock climbers, travelers, explorers, hikers and even families and companions who are in for an experience occupied time in Kodaikanal. These stones rise vertically upward from the beginning have stayed immaculate by the human hand which makes it significantly additionally intriguing. There are a few shrouded little hiding spots in the stones that merit investigating, with each offering an exceptional perspective on the encompassing scene.

There are likewise other normal attractions in the close by territories, for example, the Devil’s Kitchen, which is the bluffs in the middle of the stones, just as a beautiful smaller than usual nursery, which itself is additionally an appealing perspective. You can likewise discover food slows down selling neighborhood rarities close to the nursery. All things considered, the Pillar Rocks is the ideal spot for a peaceful excursion or an undertaking filled end of the week with your friends and family, when you are in Kodaikanal.


Public vehicle in Kodaikanal is extremely inadequate. The least demanding and most helpful approach to go inside Kodaikanal is by employing a private vehicle or a taxi for a day visit. You can even book a taxi for a large portion of a day on the off chance that you can figure out how to complete your visit through the Pillar Rocks by the principal half of the morning.

You can discover vehicles and cabs for enlist at the Kodaikanal Bus Stand. There are every day visits that are coordinated from the transport stand and you can take your pick from the bundles accessible which will clearly incorporate an excursion to the Pillar Rocks.


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