Devil's Kitchen, Kodaikanal
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A characteristic and interesting legacy site otherwise called the Devil’s Kitchen, the Guna Caves are arranged on the edges of the town of Kodaikanal which can be reached from the Moir Point. This spot was before not extremely acclaimed and was visited simply by explorers. Notwithstanding, it got well known after a Tamil film with the name ‘Guna’ was fired here in 1992. This is a gathering of caves situated in the midst of the three gigantic stones known as Pillar Rocks. Notwithstanding being an extraordinary area for photography, the chasm additionally stays loaded up with thick mists in the rainstorm and winter seasons. To arrive at the peak, guests need to walk 400 meters from the principle entrance. This delightful spot merits visiting and has endless mysteries encased inside it which merit discovering.

This spot, much the same as different destinations in and around Kodaikanal was additionally found by an English Officer known as B.S. Ward in 1821 CE. The caverns are arranged at a height of 2230 meters. Everything separated, the spot is likewise a lot of open since it is found simply 8.5 km away from Kodaikanal Bus Station and 1.5 km away from Pillar Rocks. Arranged in the thick woodland on top of a slope behind the Pillar Rocks, the Guna Caves stay one of the most visited puts in Kodaikanal as of now.

The way to the caverns experiences an impeccable pine backwoods with the underlying foundations of the trees arising on to the ground giving a remarkable setting to the spot. Notwithstanding the recorded significance that the site has, the magnificence of nature additionally makes it an acclaimed place of interest in Kodaikanal. The cavern can be seen from a distance by the guests since its environmental factors stay shut because of security reasons. The guests get a sight of the delightful valleys and the Pillar Rocks on a splendid day.

Devil's Kitchen, Kodaikanal
Devil’s Kitchen, Kodaikanal

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Best Time To Visit Devil’s Kitchen

The ideal chance to visit the caverns is from April to June followed by August to September when the climate is wonderful and at its best. It is fitting not to visit the spot from October to March since during this time the climate stays wet and cold.

The most effective method to Reach Devil’s Kitchen

The Guna Caves, otherwise called the Devil’s Kitchen, is arranged on the Pillar Rocks street which can be effectively reached by street. You can likewise travel right down in the event that you wish to get a closer view at the caverns. In the event that you are visiting the Guna caverns, it is prudent to begin the journey to the cavern following a downwards trail. A couple traveling trails are available from the Pine Forests and Guna Caves.

Devil's Kitchen, Kodaikanal
Devil’s Kitchen, Kodaikanal

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Demon’s Kitchen

The Tamil Movie named ‘Guna’ which featured the well known entertainer Kamal Haasan was shot inside the Devil’s Kitchen Caves. A few territories inside the cavern were accepted to be harmed by the team of the film. In any case, it was after the arrival of the film that several travelers visited this put consistently and it turned into a renowned place of interest of Kodaikanal. Thusly, after the film was delivered, this spot came to be known as the Guna Caves.

The caverns were framed because of the surprising stone developments which began because of the dirt disintegration from bluffs. There are some dim chambers between the stones also where bats dwell from where the name Devil’s Kitchen is accepted to have been determined. Some wild creatures notwithstanding different winged animal species can be found here also. It is additionally accepted that the Pandavas remained at this spot for quite a while.

The spot is an extraordinary spot to click pictures and gain experiences, yet because of the profound fall and the dangers related with it, numerous travelers don’t know about visiting the trim. In any case, all the profound limited gorges which were available here have now been shut down, and the spot has become unmistakably more ensured now with the sightseers having the option to see the areas of the cavern framework from a far distance. From the principle passageway of the caverns, the vacationers are needed to stroll for around 400 meters and 10 minutes to have the option to arrive at the cavern and peak which compensates for an incredible photography area.

Kodaikanal is among the top vacationer locations in South India, and furthermore an ideal special night location in India. Have you caught wind of the Devil’s Kitchen here? Let us become more acquainted with additional about this intriguing fascination with regards to Kodaikanal.

The Devil’s Kitchen in Kodaikanal, prevalently known as the Guna Caves, is one of the intriguing, yet hazardous, attractions of Kodaikanal. The caverns get the name from the old Kamal Hassan starrer Guna which was fired here.

Situated between the Green Valley View Point and the Pillar Rocks in Kodaikanal, this shrouded thin valley called the Devil’s Kitchen is one of the spots where simply the daring will in general visit. There are uncommon stone developments, profound chambers between the stones and significantly more profound tumbles from disintegration of soil from precipices.

The Devil’s Kitchen was shut to people in general for about 10 years because of the high number of adoration couples who come and end it all here. Nonetheless, as of late the locale has been available to sightseers, with the fence just covering the caverns which is perilous and might be dangerous to enter.

The Devil’s Kitchen has its notices in Hindu folklore. It is accepted that Pandavas had remained here for some time. The spot is supposed to be occupied by bats, making vacationers reluctant to go here in obscurity. It’s an ideal spot for nature and untamed life photography for the creatures and winged animals that can be spotted.

Fiends Kitchen Trail is situated close to the south finish of Colorado National Monument at the lower part of rough No Thoroughfare Canyon. This 1.2-mile climb rises 225 feet to visits a captivating stone development on the gorge where tall rocks have encased a stone cavern.

Two intersections are en route and the way gets weak around the end, so follow the headings on this one.

Fiends Kitchen Trail begins very level, really loosing 20 feet of height over 0.13 miles prompting the main intersection. Follow the sign and turn right, taking the single track up No Thoroughfare Canyon. After another 0.13 miles make a left at the subsequent intersection leaving the gulch base toward Devils Kitchen.

Fiends Kitchen exists in a pinnacle of tall rocks roosted on the south side of No Thoroughfare Canyon. As the path travels south, you will start to climb the 225 feet of height pick up. Follow the earth track as it swings to one side and starts up a progression of steps cut into the stone. At the highest point of the steps, the path blurs. Walk straight tough to the tall standing bounders. Rise smooth stone slant to the opening on the left half of the rocks, and steps inside.

The stone nook makes a cool field that draws in numerous guests. Move up the divider on the east side of the cave to a window sitting above No Thoroughfare Canyon. At the point when you are happy with the view, or can’t take the warmth, escape the kitchen and return the 0.6 mile single-track to the trailhead.

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