Guna Caves
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Found away from the principle city of Kodaikanal on the Pillar Rocks Road, Guna Caves is one of the strange vacation destinations in Kodaikanal that guarantees an exciting encounter. Initially known as Devil’s Kitchen, these caverns are really natural hollows shaped between the three rocks of the mountain.

The Guna Caves have been shaped at an elevation of 2230 meters. In spite of the fact that the caverns were found in 1821 itself, they picked up colossal vacation destination simply after the Tamil film “Guna” fired here turned into a monstrous hit. Today, portions of the caverns can be seen from a good ways. Bats are found in bounty inside the Guna Caves which make the spot look unnerving.

The way through the pine woods from the fundamental passageway of the Guna Caves to the real surrenders watches out-of-the-world. The enormous foundations of the pine trees are discovered wherever outside the dirt and guarantee a decent extension for photography at this place of interest.

There exists a hairline contrast among rush and threat here which is the reason it is ideal to visit the Guna caverns with a reasonable pack of companions or under the oversight of a guide. There are notice signs all through the way driving through from the fundamental access to the ridge.

The restricted gorges inside the caverns are currently shut to the general population. The soggy soil, fresh mountain air, chilly climate, and the confusing caverns ahead make one’s outing to this spot certainly extraordinary.

The Guna Caves are encircled by numerous other places of interest like Pine Tree Forest, Suicide Point, and Dolphin Nose Viewpoint that can be clubbed together to make your excursion considerably all the more energizing.

Guna Caves
Guna Caves

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All You Require To Know About Guna Caves in Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal in Tamilnadu is a spot notable for its excellence and the liberal sprinkling of Nature. A go-to objective for the clan chomped with hunger for something new, Kodaikanal has consistently drawn voyagers from all over to its inviting climes. Nonetheless, as there is with each spot, even in Kodai, there is a concealed fortune, a position of regular legacy, which is somewhat unconventional, yet a group puller – The Guna Caves.

Shrouded Treasure – The 1821 Caves

The Guna Caves go route back to 1821. These, as most other shrouded treasures found close to Kodaikanal, were found by a British official B.S. Ward. Nonetheless, the Caves were lost in memory and were rediscovered for their regular magnificence during the 1990s.

The Devil’s Kitchen – What’s in the name?

The Guna Caves get their name from the well known film Guna, which was fired here in 1992. They are initially known as the Devil’s Kitchen. According to Hindu folklore, these caverns are the place where the Pandavas prepared their dinners and henceforth the word ‘kitchen’. While, nobody has yet had the option to state, where the word ‘Villain’ comes from. As per a few voyagers, the word Devil comes from the bats that dwell in the cavern. These dim animals of the night are referred to treat the Guna Caves as their mainstream joint for a long while now.

There is a scarcely discernible difference among experience and threat, which is here.

It is said that there is an almost negligible difference among experience and peril. This line is apparent in the Guna caverns at Kodaikanal. The caverns may appear to be excellent and even spectacular to a few; simply like risk is to many; yet actually, they are exceptionally risky to enter. Shaped at an elevation of 2230 meters, and covered by Shola trees and grass, the Guna caverns are outlined by three column rocks – these are huge stones jutting from the bluff face and any individual needing to enter the caverns needs to clutch two shakes and lower himself into the cliff that is framed by the third stone. This is a precarious drop and hazardous and is said to have been the reason for death of twelve young people prior. From that point forward, the Guna Caves are best observed from a far distance. They are shut and rest behind metal bars and have gotten even more an agenda tick in Kodaikanal than an encounter.

Guna Caves
Guna Caves

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Best season to visit Guna Caves

Be that as it may, from the famous Moir point, the stroll to Guna Caves is a delightful one and the best season to visit is from April to June, or August to September. The course experiences an exquisite pine timberland; the ground is covered with the underlying foundations of the trees which makes it much all the more spellbinding. Other than the above months, Guna Caves are best dodged, as during these months, the climate is wet and cold, and the ground frequently turns out to be so tricky, it is hard to walk.

The Guna Caves fired into the spotlight when the Tamil film Guna which was fired inside the caverns, was delivered. The film included notable entertainer Kamal Hassan. Nonetheless, it is accepted that the film’s shooting devastated the common wealth of the Guna Caves.

Today, Guna Caves is an ensured site; however permits individuals to stroll as nearer as they can get, securely. On the off chance that you are arranging an occasion in Kodaikanal, make certain to add Guna Caves to your must-see list.

Must-see spots of Kodaikanal

The other must-see locates in Kodaikanal are the star-molded, man-made lake, the lofty Green Valley, the Berijam Lake, the Kodaikanal Solar Observatory, Coaker’s Walk for walkers, Kurinji Andavar Temple (celebrated for the Kurinji blossom that sprouts once at regular intervals) Kodai Chocolate Factory, Bear Shola Falls, Dolphin Nose, Bryant Park, the Palani Temple, Natyanjali celebration, Chettiar Park, Lutheran Church and Perumal Peak.

To arrive at Guna Caves, you need to arrive at Kodaikanal. The nearest air terminal to Kodaikanal is Madurai, around 120 kilometers away. You can likewise go from Trichy air terminal, which is 150 km away and from Coimbatore air terminal which is 175 kilometers away. A transport will take you from the air terminal to the primary town. The street course takes you from Chennai to Kodaikanal, at 439 km. distance or from Bangalore, which is at a 305 km. distance. From Madurai, you will take 3.5 hours to arrive at Kodaikanal. In the event that you are a railroad fan, you should land at Kodai Road, which is at a 100 km. good ways from the principle town. From that point, you can flag down a taxi to reach town. In the wake of having shown up at Kodaikanal, among the best stays are Kodai-By The Lake and Kodai – By The Valley. The Sterling Kodai Valley, a retreat with a striking, unordinary engineering will blow your mind thus will Kodai by the Valley. On the off chance that you are searching for comfort, genuine feelings of serenity and a bit of paradise at Kodaikanal, do prepare.


Best Time to Visit Guna Caves

The best an ideal opportunity to visit Guna Caves is from April to June when the skies are clear. During these months, the stroll from Moir Point to the caverns through the pine woods is generally simpler. Different months of the year are cold at Guna Caves and the strolling trails get elusive and hazardous.


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