Kookal Trekking
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Rainstorm is a definitive opportunity to trip and trickling in the magnificence of Southern India. All the ghats and slopes awakens to the tune of this fine spell. Which is the reason we chose to go on an experience to a lesser known spot; Kookal (Kukkal).

Lokith conveyed a correspondence to the Bangalore Trekking Club (BTC) brotherhood of a lesser investigated journeying to a town called Kukkal, close to Kodaikanal. Honestly, I didn’t have a lot of thought regarding it nor ever known about it. Yet, at that point what’s the fun of heading off to a generally investigated and archived trail. With that portion of desire I joined. The photos and schedule was excessively scary not to come.

We as a whole settled at the standard spot, Shantala Silks at Majestic, Bengaluru. After a speedy round of presentations (the BTC way) it was sleep time, for it was pouring outside.


We had arrived at Kodaikanal at around 6 am. BTC had just coordinated a lodging for us to spruce up before we embrace our ahead excursion. This was my first visit to Kodai, and it were as though Kodai invited me with its lovely cool climate. We ate in a neighborhood little shop. Presently these are the sort of spots which may not offer the most happy with guest plans, or space. Hell, this spot was controlled by a family, and individuals needed to mastermind themselves on seats. Yet, the food that they had served was totally delightful. Served on banana leaf, the proprietors continued demanding to serve increasingly more till we faint!

Turning through the excellent town we are presently on our forward excursion to our real objective. Kookal is further ahead up the street, around 30 kms from Kodai. It would begin pouring down like there’s no tomorrow now. I could scarcely observe anything outside, or where we are going to. Everything I can detect was the street was brimming with turnings. In the event that you are going all alone, at that point put Kookal lake on your Google maps. However, make certain to put the equivalent before you leave Kodai because of organization drop en route. Gazing at the downpour drops cut their way down the window sheet I felt sleeping.

Kookal Trekking
Kookal Trekking

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As the transport stops I constrain myself to open my eyes. Where right? I get down to clear this disarray, and WOW! Here I am remaining before this shocker of a lake, tranquil, spotless and not a single people in sight anyplace. I whipped out my telephone to click, likewise to acknowledge there is no organization. Its showering here now, we are the main people making human sounds; I am actually at the sort of spot I can want. Welcome to Kookal, reported Lokith in a firm tone.

Yet, stand by, there’s the opposite side too. Our day (well, it was evening really) began by embraced a fast climb to the Kookal town. It has been pouring truly vigorously in this piece of the world, and the sloppy path didn’t make things any simpler. What we saw here was a town with patio cultivating surrounding it. I’ve seen nothing like this in South India, these sort of cultivating is more conspicuous towards the Himalayan towns. The mists looming over the towns with the lavish green territory is the thing that makes Kookal so untainted.

Walking through the passageways of the town local people would look at us with sheer curiosity. Obviously, we are the brief attractions for the day in the town. Out of the town and we strolled up a slope to have a decent, away from of the Palani slopes timberland. Profound, thick shade proliferate surrounding us. And keeping in mind that we are in sentiment with our new transitory home the guide and Lokith enlightened us concerning a climb through the woods to a slope inside from where wonderful 360 degree perspectives to enjoy. We could see a cascade where it counts in the midst of the backwoods, falling its direction.

Siphoning with parcel of energy and fervor we wandered inside the woods. Around 1 km inside we are being spied upon. And afterward the assault occurred. Parasites were all over us. All things considered, obviously its rainstorm and such sodden, dim woodland area is the ideal draining spot for such suckers. We continued moving while at the same time attempting to dispose of them as the bloodsuckers wriggle up our legs. With our bombed endeavors in keeping them under control we chose to desert our climb ahead. Shouting (like in a real sense) we began to run back pell mell to try not to be their prey. It seemed like we just got away from Jurassic Park!

As our climb got suspended we gone to our campground, to go through the night gabbing. With no power and telephone network we were really mingling. Wild now and then is helpful, all things considered. While the choice to play “Mafia” was certainly to kill time, it finished being the explanation the whole gathering would bond so well till the finish of the outing.

Post supper our tents had been set up somewhat over the real campground. Our the upcoming schedule included setting off to a close by cascade and another little climb. Not at all like cuddling inside a happy with camping bed, while temperature keeps on dropping outside.

Kookal Trekking
Kookal Trekking

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The greatest predicament and challenge in a journey is to go or not to go to the call of nature. All the more so on the off chance that you need to go out in the open, similar to a cracking Indiana Jones looking for that sweet spot, and not cross eyes with an individual adventurer wandering around like you for a “place” too. Jokes separated we as a whole needed to go around in the brambles to help ourselves. Whenever that was done our first objective for the day was a close by cascade where we will take a sprinkle.

A rich breakfast, and a speedy ride to the cascade point and we are back in our town, just this time we take an alternate course, haggling through prickly bushes to the cascade. This little yet reviving cascade is what was actually expected to trigger our internal Tarzan. Seeing it just it didn’t take long for the fellows to step directly into it. The volume of water pouring through was not high, making it ideal for all to loosen up. A decent 1 hour was spent underneath it prior to being “pulled” out of it by Lokith.

We head back to our campground, fulfilled, for a fast lunch before we continue for our next experience arranged. Honestly, we haven’t done quite a bit of journeying or any demanding movement that we expected to do, yet did it trouble us? In no way, shape or form! We were having one of our best time. Post lunch the guide anticipated a little, simple climb to Mannavanur lake. This flawless lake lies in transit back to Kodai. We would take a path that isn’t frequented by any vacationers or travelers. Truth be told, aside from the neighborhood residents nobody else navigates this path.

Mannavanur Forest

Arranged in the Mannavanur town there are sheep and poultry cultivates also directly over. Our stroll through the green fields and glades made for one of the most fortifying climb ever. The Windows XP typish sees made for a noteworthy walk, regardless of whether we haven’t arrived at the lake yet. Appreciate the pics underneath:

Strolling over the immense glades we came to on the opposite finish of the lake where there was nobody. The wooden scaffold over the lake made for the ideal spot to click assortment of pics. With quite a beautiful climate on my back and a lake in front I can go through hours sitting close to it, doing literally nothing.

Mannavanur Lake

We are presently out of the Mannavanur Eco park and still got heaps of extra time. I so wished we could invest some more energy here. Next stop is Pillar Rocks. Column rocks is a perspective that advances to anybody visiting Kodai. You can see not many enormous rocks (slopes?) formed as columns jutting out of the backwoods. The slopes were overwhelmed in mists giving a significantly more spiritualist feel.

After a concise 15 mins stop at Pillar rocks we explored to one more perspective, Suicide Point. I won’t clarify why its called so yet obviously it offers some amazing perspectives on the valleys and a heaps of anxious monkeys. Yet, everything we could see was cover of mists.

Guna caverns had shut when we came to, driving us to rather plot our following visit to Coakers walk. Coakers walk is a km long asphalt, on a precipice edge that gives a lovely perspective on Kodai. An ideal spot to go through that comfortable night with your darling. The sluggish mists would smart the town, giving it a dash of fantasies.

Coakers walk would be our last stop before we head back to Bengaluru. This excursion with the BTC group wound up being an unwinding, touring invasion. However, an excursion is definitely not a lovely picture, made much more vital by individuals going with you. Truly, the wicked travelers that went along with me in this adventure and their trickeries is the thing that made this journey significantly more deserving of it.


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