Mannavanur Tourism
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Mannavanur is a tranquil cultivating town in Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu – 35km away from Kodaikanal. This curious town has porch cultivates that are cut into the slope inclines. It offers nature-darlings an opportunity to encounter the ranch life, particularly spotting hares, sheep and different animals. The Mannavanur Lake adds peacefulness to this beautiful town. This is likewise a stop on many traveling courses in the zone.

Dindigul Tourism

Dindigul is an authentic city and authoritative community for Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu. Arranged between the Palani slopes and Sirumalai slopes’ lower regions, this city isn’t especially known for its landscape. Its set of experiences and culture has discovered adoration, having been home to an antiquated settlement. It was additionally the base camp of the British Army at a certain point.

The Dindigul Fort is the fundamental fascination here among numerous other recorded landmarks. Today, it is a mechanical town and a travel industry center point.

Obviously the most quiet spot that you can visit on Kodaikanal visit, Mannavanur Lake isn’t anything not exactly a nature’s heaven. This lake, as the name recommend is situated in Mannavanur town, which is around 34 km away from Kodaikanal.

This beautiful lake, can be viewed as you drive down to the town. The perspective on lake in the midst of the dazzling glades with lofty slopes at some separation merits catching. The drive to the lake is similarly charming with eucalyptus and pine trees encompassing the street on both the sides. As you pass over these trees, lavish greenery with rich widely varied vegetation welcomes you at Mannavanur.

This region is presented with rich avian fauna. Numerous winged creatures can be seen flying openly. It is additionally said that couple of wild creatures can be likewise be seen once in for a spell here. As Mannavanur Lake is situated inside a sheep ranch, groups of sheets can be seen brushing around the zone.

A couple of seats can be found in the zone where you can respect this entrancing perspective. Mannavanur is an ideal spot on the off chance that you love nature; here you unwind amidst its reviving excellence and tranquil environmental factors.

This spot is additionally known for the vegetables development. Here a wide cluster of vegetables, for example, carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, peas, potatoes and even broccoli, French and margarine beans are developed. Seeing these fields is additionally amazing.

When in Mannavanur, you won’t discover numerous shops or diners. A couple of little shops selling tea and fundamental tidbits can be seen subsequently it is smarter to convey your food and different basics alongside your. For convenience, Camper’s Club is the main decision accessible here.

Mannavanur Tourism
Mannavanur Tourism

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Exercises at Mannavanur Lake, Kodaikanal

The zone around Mannavanur Lake is ideal for a loosening up cookout with your friends and family. Convey your food and sit in the midst of the best of nature, put in a couple of significant minutes at this serene area.

Aside from cookout and strolls, one can likewise go for coracle rides. Backwoods office offers coracle ride with an ostensible charge. One can likewise visit sheep ranch. Pony riding is likewise a mainstream action to do here.

Passage Fee at Mannavanur Lake, Kodaikanal

To enter the lake complex, you are needed to a compensation an insignificant passage expense. Very near passage you will locate a little food counter. Indeed, even one can employ ponies for rides.

Arriving at Mannavanur Lake, Kodaikanal

Situated around 34 km from Kodaikanal, Mannavanur Lake is open by means of street. It tends to be reached inside 1 and half hours to 2 hours from the slope station. The street is generally segregated and has not many vehicles running through it so it is prudent to design your excursion to this lake in day and return before the night.

Best Things To Do in Mannavanur, India

Have you ever visited another spot and felt ‘goodness’ about it? For some guests, it occurs at Mannavanur.

Mannavanur may not be as famous as different urban areas in India, however don’t let that fool you. Mannavanur is a more modest yet excellent forthcoming traveler objective that merits a visit. You will be shocked by a portion of the interesting activities and spots you can investigate at this shrouded objective.

You may wish to return to it sometime in the not so distant future, to enjoy a reprieve and unwind at Mannavanur.

In the event that you have plans to visit India and don’t know whether Mannavanur should be remembered for your schedule, continue perusing. In this rundown, we have assembled a portion of the activities in Mannavanur and around. We suspect that in the event that you remember this city for your itinerary items, you will be excited you did as such.

Mannavanur (Mannavanor, Mannavannur), is a cultivating town of 1437 family units in Mannavanor Panchayat, Dindigul locale, Tamil Nadu, India, 35 kilometers (22 mi) west from Kodaikanal It is 7 kilometers (4 mi) by street from Kumbur town and 9 kilometers (6 mi) from Kilanavayal town. Height is 1,880 meters (6,170 ft).


Investigate mainstream excursion bundles for Mannavanur, India and launch your get-away making arrangements for nothing. The closest significant city to Mannavanur is Munnar. Add Munnar to your get-away arrangement, it has a fascinating bundle of exercises to do on your visit like Tea Garden, Mattupetty Dam, Kannan Devan Tea Museum. Likewise, to arrive at Mannavanur, you’ll need to take a trip to Munnar; so its not generally a diversion. Also, regardless of whether it is, the city merits paying at any rate a fast visit. Visit bundles of Mannavanur are of 1 to 2 days span.

Yes,it is that straightforward truly! Make the most of your outing! Continue voyaging!

Mannavanur Trip Planner

Plan your altered step by step trip plan for Mannavanur. Browse different experinces classes as experience, sentimental and family and children amicable for your excursion utilizing Mannavanur trip organizer.

Mannavanur Tourism
Mannavanur Tourism

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Plan Your Trip To Mannavanur

An excursion to Kodaikanal is inadequate without a visit to the wonderful Mannavanur Lake.

There is a town called Poombarai, around 35 km from the town, settled somewhere inside the backwoods. Covered up here, is the climbing trail to Mannavanur lake. It takes about an hour to arrive at the lake from here, and the way experiences reeds and bogs, past surging knolls and shrubberies of pine. Thick woodland encompasses this lake. The best an ideal opportunity to travel up to the lake will be promptly toward the beginning of the day when the timberland and lake wake up with barbets and woodpeckers proclaiming the new day with noisy calls while the earthy colored owls re-visitation of perch.

In transit back, there is a cascade called the Neptune Pool, likely named so for its splendid turquoise and blue waters. Different spots worth visiting close by are the Mahalakshmi Temple and the Kuzhanthai Velappar Temple.

Appreciate an excursion by the lake and go drifting in coracles and kayaks which are accessible available. Real Kodai will be pleased to put together this experience for you.

About Mannavanur Lake

The ideal environs of Mannavanur lake are welcoming and appealing. This picturesque spot is yet untainted by man attributable to its distant area. An hour’s drive from the town of Kodaikanal, it is a quiet spot where you can rest in the lap of nature. The street takes you through the stretch of beautiful Eucalyptus trees and thick pine woodlands prior to arriving at the Mannavanur Lake. This fascination close to Kodaikanal has adorable seats and eco-accommodating extensions. It is a heaven for sentimental people and those looking for comfort from the bustling city life. A tremendous meadow and slopes encompass this lake. You can likewise take a coracle ride that adds to the fun and acquires experience and fervor. As Mannavanur is a sheep brushing ranch, almost certainly, you may spot crowd of sheep touching in nature.

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