Kaalahasthishwara Gnanambikai Temple, Dindigul
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Kaalahasthishwara Gnanambikai Temple is a few hundred year old Hindu Temple arranged at Dindigul. Thala Virutcham (heavenly tree) of this sanctuary is Gooseberry. Aficionados accept that this ruler will spare them from the unfriendly impacts of Navagrahas. They do Abhishekam and offer vastras (heavenly garments) to the master and goddess.

Not at all like in different sanctuaries, there are two directing gods in this sanctuary. Vehicle and wedding celebrations are commended in this sanctuary just in nights against morning hours in different sanctuaries.

During the Fridays of Aadi and Thai months (July-August and January-February) individually, Ambicas are wearing shoe glue (Alankarams). Extraordinary pujas are performed on the Thai new moon day.

Kaalahasthishwara Gnanambikai Temple, Dindigul
Kaalahasthishwara Gnanambikai Temple, Dindigul

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Master Brahmma performed atonement in this put on Lord Shiva for help from a shrewd impact dosha-he was enduring at that point. Ruler gave him darshan from a Lotus Padma tank. Consequently, Lord Shiva is lauded as Padmagiriswarar. He walked on an evil presence Dindimasura. At the very sight of Lord, the evil presence turned out to be acceptable and given up at his feet. As mentioned by him, Lord consented to make the spot referred to after his name as Dindeeswaram.

Afterward, the devil attacked Devas who fell at the feet of Lord of Padmagiri. As a badge of their appreciation to Lord, the Devas introduced a Shiva fan Dharmabalan as the ruler of Dindeeswaram and left the spot. He manufactured a sanctuary to Lord Padmagiriswarar on the slope top.

During the standard of the Tipu Sultan, individuals cut down Lord and Ambica to the ground sanctuary as parade gods in the present Kaalahasthishwara sanctuary. They indicated equivalent regard and significance to the two Shivas and Ambicas. Dindeeswaram later came to be known as Dindigul. This is a slope sanctuary.

Kaalahasthishwara Gnanambikai Temple, Dindigul
Kaalahasthishwara Gnanambikai Temple, Dindigul

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In early days, the sanctuary of Lord Padmagiriswarar was on the slope top. Ruler will go to the ground during celebrations days. To get the Lord, a mandapam was manufactured then close to Mother Abhirami Amman sanctuary. Ruler Achutha Devarayar administering this spot at that point was a resolute fan of Lord Kalahasthiswarar of Thirukalathi now in Andhra Pradesh. To revere him day by day and that too in his place, the lord introduced Kalahasthiswarar and Mother Gnamabikai in this Mandapam in the year 1578.

Afterward, when different rulers came to control here, they cut down Lord Shiva and Mother to the foot slope place and encouraged love effectively in the equivalent mandapam. The mandapam then was extended as a completely fledged sanctuary with the two Lords and Mothers. Indeed, even now, there are two directing Lords with two Mothers in similar sanctuary in independent holy places.

In his foreword to the well known book Thendral Vidu Dhoodhu – making an impression on Lord Padmagirinathar through the breeze from south – by Pala Pattadai Chockanatha Pulavar, incredible Researcher and Scholar of Tamil Renaissance – by social event age old writings from the palm leaves and distributing them on paper, says that Dindeeswaram is nevertheless the name of Dindigul adding that the spot is one referenced in Thevaram psalms moreover.

The unmistakable Nayak lord, Thirumalai Nayak, developed a lobby at this present sanctuary’s front part. Tipu Sultan administered this area made a request to bring Abirami Ambigai and Padmagirinathar sculptures from the slope sanctuary to this sanctuary.

Significance of Temple

There was no hallowed place for Ambica before all else. Mother Kali came here to decimate an evil spirit named Analan and was exceptionally angry. Ruler Shiva mollified her wrath and wedded her. She looked extremely appealing at that point and accordingly, was named Abhirami Ambica. A celebration recollecting the angry Kali crushing the devil and her wedding with Shiva is commended during Chithirai month – April-May.

In spite of the fact that a Shiva sthala-place, Ambicas possess a conspicuous spot. The sanctuary is famously known as Abhirami sanctuary. The name Abhirami contains propitious Mantra letters. Revering Mother for the sake of Abhirami, normally the fans serenade this Mantra bring them complex favors.

Two Shiva fans Bahu and Subahu used to love the Lord during these days come what may. While they were continuing to sanctuary, Lord Shiva caught them in the appearance of a tiger as though to execute them. The two requested that the tiger hang tight and have them for its prey after they completed the Shiva love. The tiger respected their solicitation. They got back to the tiger as guaranteed.

Tiger Shiva conceded darshan to them and favored them with salvation. This occasion is emblematically commended during Karthikai celebration. Varuna the God of Rain lost his employment because of a revile by Indira. He implored Lord Shiva here and landed back his position. The individuals who had lost their positions appeal to Lord here on their introduction to the world star days or on Poornima-full moon days offering Rudrabishekam and Samba rice nivedhana to recapture the work. Those hopeful advancements additionally follow this love.

Kaalahasthishwara Gnanambikai Temple, Dindigul
Kaalahasthishwara Gnanambikai Temple, Dindigul

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Sage Vishwamitra offered a substantial compensation to a Brahmin named Sumedhan for taking an interest in his yajna. The Brahmin was as yet covetous and requested more. To show him a thing or two, the sage reviled the Brahmin to turn into a deer. He likewise told the creature that it would get back its unique structure by loving Lord Padmagiriswarar in this spot. This occasion is played during the Chithirai-April-May Brahmotsavam in the sanctuary.

Girivalam-circumambulating the slope is trailed by aficionados on Poornima-full moon days. On the eighth day of new moon fortnight (Ashtami), in Margazhi-December-January, Lord Shiva offers aid to all (Padi Alathal in Tamil). Pancha Moorthis come in parade that day.

Sage Agasthya loved Lord Vinayaka here on his approach to Pothigai slopes. The Vinayaka commended as Agasthya Vinayaka is on the Girivalam way. During Skanda Sashti, Valli and Deivanai result in these present circumstances place. A dramatization is played then here as though Vinayaka compromising Valli and followed by Muruga-Valli wedding. A nivedhana made of Thinai flour, a corn so dear to Lord Muruga is offered during this celebration.

The Temple

This is an exceptionally antiquated Shiva sanctuary, worked by Chera lords and remodeled by Cholas, Pandyas, rulers of Vijaya Nagar and Naickers of Madurai. Ruler Vinayaka of the sanctuary is commended as Vanni Vinayaka. Ruler Shiva who came here as Bhairava, to annihilate Thindimahasura is in the prakara. Mother Baladurga graces lovers from a column. Garuda Bhagwan graces from another column. Extraordinary Saivite Acharyas lauded as Santhana Kuravas, Meikanda Thevar, Maraignana Sambandar, Arulnadhi Shivacharya and Umapathi Shivacharya effortlessness the fans from the front Mandapam.

Master Shiva and Goddess Parvati are venerated as Kalahasthiswarar and Gnanambikai. Master Shiva of this sanctuary is likewise called as Padmagiriswarar. Goddess Parvati of this sanctuary is likewise adored as Ambikai and Abhirami. Ruler Vinayagar of this sanctuary is revered as Vanni Vinayagar.

There is a place of worship for Lord Varadaraja Perumal in the prakara confronting north, a bearing said to be extremely favorable and prosperous. Individuals supplicate here looking for thriving. Sri Anjaneya having his sanctum independently in different sanctuaries or before the Lord; graces the enthusiasts so near Perumal himself in the hallowed place, a regard to His Bhakti. On the Vaikunta Ekadasi day, Perumal goes through the passage of Mother Abhirami as there is no uncommon Sorga Vasal – access to Paradise for Perumal in the sanctuary. It is said that he utilizes this passageway with freedom as the Brother of Mother Abhirami.

Master Dakshinamurthi in the Shiva altar goshta graces with two teaches just, against four generally observed in different sanctuaries. They are in standing stance gaining from the Great Teacher offering their appreciation. Behind the sanctuary of Lord Kalahasthiswarar, in the spot of Lingodhbava, Lord Muruga possesses the spot.

Sanctuary Opening Time

Pooja Name and Fees Structure



Chithirai Peruntiruvizha will be praised for 12days on this month. Upon the arrival of Chithirai Pournami Urchavam capacity will be praised.


Aani Thirumanjana Thiruvizha will be praised


Sandhana kappu Abishegam will be praised on mother Ambika and Abirami of all Fridays.


Vinayagar Chathurthi will be praised


Kandha Sasti Kavasam will be praised for 6 days of this current month


Karthigai Thiruvizha will be praised in this month


Thiruvillakku Poojai will be praised in this month


Uncommon valipadu for Arulmigu Nadarajar


Aficionados appeal to Lord Kalahasthiswarar for alleviation from the antagonistic parts of the snake planets, pardon for sins submitted and to land back the position lost. Those looking for kid aid ask on Kruthika star days. Fans perform abishek to Lord and Mother offering vastras.


A Tamil aficionado researcher Pala Pattadai Chockanatha Pulavar had sung the wonder of the Lords of this sanctuary.

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