Kodaikanal Overview
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Kodaikanal Overview

Dindigul is a chronicled city and authoritative place for Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu. Arranged between the Palani slopes and Sirumalai slopes’ lower regions, this city isn’t especially known for its territory. Its set of experiences and culture has discovered respect, having been home to an antiquated settlement. It was likewise the central command of the British Army at a certain point.

The Dindigul Fort is the principle fascination here among numerous other chronicled landmarks. Today, it is a modern town and a travel industry center point.

Kodaikanal Overview
Kodaikanal Overview

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Mannavanur, Kodaikanal Overview

Mannavanur is a tranquil cultivating town in Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu – 35km away from Kodaikanal. This interesting town has patio cultivates that are cut into the slope slants. It offers nature-sweethearts an opportunity to encounter the homestead life, particularly spotting hares, sheep and different creatures. The Mannavanur Lake adds serenity to this pleasant town. This is likewise a stop on many traveling courses in the zone.

Green Valley View (Suicide Point), Kodaikanal Overview

Once known as Suicide point, the Green Valley View offers an amazing perspective on the fields, profound valleys and slopes. The entrancing perspective on the Vaigai Dam is an exceptional encounter. It used to be known as self destruction point due to the hazardous valley which is thick and profound; beneath the purpose of in excess of 5000 feet drop.

Situated a good ways off of 5.5 km from the Kodaikanal Lake, the Green Valley View offers a lovely view, but at the same time is encircled by a ton of monkeys. While in transit forthright, there are a few shops which offer hand crafted chocolates, trimmings and a wide scope of blossoms.

Kodai Lake, Kodaikanal Overview

Kodaikanal Lake is an artificial lake in the Kodaikanal city which is otherwise called Kodai Lake. Vera Levinge was the man answerable for the imagination and assets of this lake in the midst of Kodaikanal town. This lake was created by the British and early preachers from the USASA.

The star-molded lake is midway situated in Kodaikanal and is encircled by the rich green Palani Hills Range the primary watershed for the lake. The lake is arranged at a rise of 2285m above ocean level and has a normal profundity of 3.0m. The lake is a ways off of 3 km from the Kodai Bus stand.

Bear Shola Falls, Kodaikanal Overview

Situated at a simple separation of 2 kilometers from the Kodaikanal Lake, the Bear Shola Falls is a well known place of interest in the area. This course is an occasional fascination which wakes up in its fullest during the storms, when the water streams down from the ridge clearing its path through the verdant greenery of the area. An intriguing legend behind the interesting name of this spot is that it was a most loved frequent of a bear who used to visit this water body to drink water, thus giving it the name Bear Shola Falls. The calm and tranquil air of this objective is a genuine sanctuary for the individuals who need to escape from solid timberland parks. A visit to this territory will bring one very close with numerous normal and uncommon types of creatures and plants.

On the off chance that you lean toward going to somewhere which is more held and private and is a lot nearer to nature than a wilderness of solid structures, at that point you should Bear Shola Falls. Wrapped with thick timberlands combined with the trilling of fowls, Bear Shola Falls is a little paradise. Likewise, the timberland zone of the Western Ghats arranged close to the falls is a biodiversity hotspot where you can have a meeting with our hairy companions in nature.

Column Rocks, Kodaikanal Overview

Arranged in the ‘Princess of Hill stations’, Kodaikanal, the Pillar Rocks have become an exquisite outing spot. Establishing an excellent scaled down nursery; the spot is named so as it has three vertically situated rocks coming to up to a tallness of 400 feet. The atmosphere here is loaded with friendship and is proof of an extraordinary romantic tale. The ‘white cross’ which once existed on these stones spoke to David Gell’s phenomenal recognition for adoration. The perspective on rocks isn’t something to be missed. They remain as an immaculate supernatural occurrence for the vacationers visiting Kodaikanal.

The columns are popular for giving winged animal’s perspective on close by environmental factors. The chambers between these two gigantic rocks are known as the Devil’s Kitchen. Less occasions you may discover rocks covered with fog and mists, yet when the ways become clear nothing delightful than this could be ever observed. Sticking straight away from the slopes that encompass them, the column rocks are grand. You can come here, sit and unwind as you mitigate your eyes over the high slope ranges and clear skies. Besides, remember taste the potato and onion bhaji which is served outside the smaller than expected nursery.

Thalaiyar Falls, Kodaikanal Overview

Otherwise called Rat Tail Falls, Thalaiyar Falls is situated in the lavish green slants of Palani Hill ranges in the Dindigul District, in Kodaikanal. With a tallness of 297m, it is the most elevated cascade in Tamil Nadu, 6th most noteworthy cascade in India and the 267th most elevated on the planet. There is see tower in the recreation center at the Dum Rock, from where you can get a delightful perspective on the falls and the Manjalar Dam.

The stream water going to the falls is from Perumal Malai town, through a 9 km downstream and is supposed honestly. In actuality, it could be dirtied, and henceforth, guests to the territory are encouraged to try not to drink it.

On a brilliant day, the falls is noticeable from the Dum Rock perspective on the Batalugundu-Kodaikanal Ghat Road; where it seems like a white long and restricted segment of water on a foundation of dark stone precipice face. As per legends, Lord Muruga used to visit this stone on his way to the Palani Hills.

Fallen angel’s Kitchen, Kodaikanal Overview

A characteristic and exceptional legacy site otherwise called the Devil’s Kitchen, the Guna Caves are arranged on the edges of the town of Kodaikanal which can be reached from the Moir Point. This spot was before not well known and was visited simply by explorers. Nonetheless, it got acclaimed after a Tamil film with the name ‘Guna’ was fired here in 1992. This is a gathering of caves situated in the midst of the three tremendous stones known as Pillar Rocks. Notwithstanding being an extraordinary area for photography, the crevasse likewise stays loaded up with thick mists in the storm and winter seasons. To arrive at the peak, guests need to walk 400 meters from the fundamental passage. This delightful spot merits visiting and has countless insider facts encased inside it which merit discovering.

This spot, much the same as different destinations in and around Kodaikanal was additionally found by an English Officer known as B.S. Ward in 1821 CE. The caverns are arranged at a height of 2230 meters. Everything separated, the spot is additionally a lot of available since it is found simply 8.5 km away from Kodaikanal Bus Station and 1.5 km away from Pillar Rocks. Arranged in the thick woodland on top of a slope behind the Pillar Rocks, the Guna Caves stay one of the most visited puts in Kodaikanal as of now.

The way to the caverns experiences a lovely pine woodland with the underlying foundations of the trees arising on to the ground giving an exceptional setting to the spot. Notwithstanding the recorded significance that the site has, the excellence of nature likewise makes it a celebrated place of interest in Kodaikanal. The cavern can be seen from a separation by the guests since its environmental factors stay shut because of security reasons. The guests get a sight of the excellent valleys and the Pillar Rocks on a brilliant day.

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