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The Dindigul District has many points of interest. Places of tourist interest in the district are Palani hills with the famous Lord Muruga Dhandayuthapani Temple temple, Begampur Mosque, Sirumalai Hills, Kodaikanal, Parappalar Dam, Varadhamanadhi Dam, Mariamman temple and Nadupatti Anjaneyar temple. In the Dindigul District, the famous Kodaikanal Hill Station is also located. The Kurinji flowers that bloom once in twelve years are an appeal of this hill station.

The district’s reserved forest area consists of 84, 565 hectares, which is rich in flora and fauna such as Seehakai, Nellikai, Bluegum and Pine and Gaur, respectively, Nilgiri langur, panther, barking deer. The two excellent picnic spots in this district are Peranai and Sirumalai.


About Dindigul

While travelling from Chennai to Madurai, Dindigul is along the highway. Chennai and Madurai, as well as Bangalore and Ernakullam, are well connected by bus. In the area, there are many lakes, hills, temples and churches that have proven to be worth searching for.

Under the rule of the Muslim king, Tippu Sultan, Dindigul had a glorious history. Without trying Biryani, you cannot go to Dindigul. As well as several local dishes, there are several kinds of Biryani served in the town. Though Thalappakatti is an old favourite biryani restaurant, Venu’s Briyani is a nice place to visit. South Indian restaurants, which serve fine, traditional local cuisines, also have a good choice.

Dindigul has the reputation of being a hub for locksmiths, so there is hardly a better place than this place to upgrade your security supplies. A good place to shop for saris, too is the city. Dindigul, in particular rice, textiles, especially saris, tobacco, paan, and leather tanning, is also a centre of agriculture. For non-Tamil speakers, the town is a bit off for a tourist destination because there is not much English spoken here. For those interested in improving their Tamil, however, it could be the ideal place to find local cafes and talk with individuals.

Generally, temples should be visited in the morning because after 11 am, village temples can close. When crossing the streets and driving, be cautious because the roads can be narrow. As anywhere at night, avoid unknown locations. Modestly dress and keep a close eye on your possessions. It is often recommended that safety precautions be maintained when travelling.


This slope station is the Kurinji blossoms that sprout once in twelve years.

Situated in the province of Tamil Nadu a ways off of around 70 km from Madurai, Dindigul is a noteworthy town which is said to have been set up in the early Medieval Period of India. It was managed by a few lines before, including the Cholas, the Cheras and the Pallavas, until it turned into a piece of the British Empire. As it has a well established history, it is home to a few antiquated landmarks and extremely old strict destinations. Thus, on the off chance that you are a genuine history darling and consistently anticipate investigating the past period of a spot, at that point Dindigul is an unquestionable requirement visit objective for you.

As it is encircled by excellent homestead fields and rich green slopes, it likewise makes a superb end of the week objective for nature sweethearts and picture takers. Following is the rundown of the 5 significant spots to visit in Dindigul.


Dindigul Fort

Inherent the seventeenth century during the rule of the Madurai Nayaks, Dindigul Fort is situated on a rough slope and disregards the center settlement of the city. The significant explanation Dindigul Fort should be your primary goal here lies in its engineering and recorded centrality. It is one spot where you can learn in insight concerning the historical backdrop of Dindigul and how it prospered throughout some undefined time frame.

The fortress complex is home to a lovely sanctuary and mandapam, which are of extraordinary design significance. You can likewise locate a couple of guns inside its fortification limits. Despite the fact that the post was built by the Madurai Nayaks, it was additionally managed by Tipu Sultan and the British East India Company.


Sri Abirami Amman Temple

It is properly said that the historical backdrop of any spot in India is deficient without the presence of antiquated strict destinations. These strict locales not just portray the historical backdrop of any town’s arrangement yet additionally feature their way of life and culture that won during several years prior. Hence, a visit to the strict locales of any notable town is an absolute necessity.

Dindigul is home to a few lovely and age-old sanctuaries. Probably the most unmistakable locales incorporate Sri Abirami Amman Temple, Srinivasa Perumal Temple and Kalahastheeswara Gnanambika Temple. Every one of these sanctuaries brag of their incredible strict and verifiable essentialness.


Begumpur Mosque

The most established of them all in Dindigul, Begumpur Mosque is situated in the region of Dindigul Fort and was built in the mid eighteenth century by Hyder Ali, who was the king of the Mysore Kingdom. As it is where he covered his sister, Ameerunnisa Begum, it is called Begumpur Mosque.

As it is as yet dynamic and is visited by a huge number of Muslims consistently, it is one of the main vacationer locations in Dindigul. Inherent the Mughal style of engineering, Begumpur Mosque is a stoppage for the individuals who couldn’t imagine anything better than to go for a walk previously.


Sirumalai Hills

In the event that you couldn’t imagine anything better than to take a break from Dindigul and its old landmarks and become mixed up in the excellence of nature for some time, at that point the close by Sirumalai Hills is the most ideal alternative for you. Aside from loosening up your psyche and reviving your spirit in its serene climate, you can likewise go shooting here.

As the district is honored with rich backwoods and different natural life, you can detect a few uncommon and jeopardized types of plants and creatures as well. In this way, on the off chance that you are a vigorous nature sweetheart and couldn’t imagine anything better than to wind up in the realm of lavish greenery, at that point add Sirumalai Hills to your basin list. Did you realize that the valleys of Sirumalai are additionally home to a few sanctuaries and strict destinations?


St. Joseph’s Church

Another fascination in Dindigul which is known for its design excellence and verifiable noteworthiness is St. Joseph’s Church. It is one of the most lovely holy places in the locale and was developed in the late nineteenth century. It is situated in the focal point of the city and is known for its praiseworthy glassworks. On a normal, it is visited by a large number of local people and occasional sightseers consistently.

Thus, these were the significant spots which one can’t bear to miss visiting while in and around Dindigul. Before this memorable town turns into a mainstream traveler location, plan an excursion now and investigate its shrouded magnificence.

Dindigul is an acclaimed city of Tamil Nadu situated in the Dindigul region. It is well known for the handling manufacturing plants of Tannery, Textile and some more. The city is all around created with great foundation and different offices. Dindigul city is an antiquated city and known to be managed by the diverse Hindu lines and later by Sultanates and the Britishers.


The noticeable fascination of this city is the antiquated Rock Fort that is roosted on the highest point of the slope. It was built in 1605 by a Hindu King and later the fortress was controlled by Tipu Sultan. After Tipu Sultan’s thrashing by the Britishers, the stronghold came to be governed under them. Aside from the Rock Fort, Arulmigu Kottai Mariamman Temple and Sri Abirami Amman Temple are celebrated attractions. Best an ideal opportunity to visit Dindigul is in winters from October to March. The city is renowned for its mouth-watering Biryani among other South-Indian dishes.

There are nine dams in this area, to be specific Palar Porundalar, Varathamanathi, Kuthiraiaru in Palani Block, Parappalar and Nanganchiar in Oddanchatram Block, Maruthanathi, Kamarajar Sagar in Athoor Block, Mavoor in Nilakottai Block, and Kudaganar in Vedasandur Block. The town of Nilakottai is prestigious for metal vessels and gems. Nilakottai Taluk is famous for developing and selling grapes and blossoms.


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