This ancient temple which was built by Chera kings was subsequently renovated by Pandyas and other kings. The presiding deity in this temple is kalahastheeswaran with his consort Abhirami ambikai.

It is estimated that this temple is 1000 years old and enjoys global status. Lord Brahma once struggled from dosha and he sat in this temple and penanced for years.

Lord Shiva appeared in front of Brahma and removed his curses. It is believed that devotees and pilgrims who enter inside this temple and perform poojas will start seeing lots of positive things in the future.

There is also an interesting history that Lord Shiva killed a demon namely Dindimasura with his harp and this place was once known as Dindeesaram which was later renamed as Dindigul.

Navarathri festival is celebrated wonderfully inside this temple and laksharchana is extremely famous here.

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